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Factory schedules are followed, with genuine Ferrari parts and approved lubricants
used to maintain your service history. We offer fixed price or bespoke servicing.
For example:
Model Annual Service Cambelt Service
328 / 308 £385.00 £1245.00 including tappets
348 / Mondial T £395.00 £1425.00 including tappets
355 £415.00 £1595.00*
360 £440.00 £1295.00
550 / 575 £450.00 £1295.00
456 £450.00 £1595.00 including tappets
430 £450.00  
Testarossa £450.00 £1595.00* including tappets
All prices quoted are subject to VAT.
*An additional charge is made to re-gas the air conditioning system.

If your vehicle or specific service requirements are not listed, please contact us to discuss.

For low or high mileage cars, custom or rare tipos, we can provide special
servicing e.g. checks prior to long Continental tours, track days or pre-sale. Our
workshops see a steady stream of 328, 348, 355, 360, 550, 575, F40 and 456 cars – plus older tipos. We’d love to see yours !

On-site are advanced SD1 and SD2 diagnostic systems, which are fully portable for
off-site investigation of faults. If your Ferrari is not running as it should we can find
out why – and fix it ! Note that Adam Eyre has over 26 years experience on these systems and has been fully trained in their use at Stratstone Ferrari, Ferrari UK and at Maranello in Italy.

We are fully trained and experienced in hands-on rebuild, repair and maintenance of
all modern Ferrari road tipos. We can source hard to find parts, have custom parts
machined and supply new factory replacement engines and gearboxes. We can
replace minor components, fix small oil leaks or carry out full rebuilds – please call
us for advice.

Every Ferrari picks up stone chips, minor dents and often worse – much worse. Relax
in the knowledge that we can take care of everything, with access to body jigs and
the highest quality paint shops for restoration, accident repair and correction of
general wear and tear on your cars’ beautiful bodywork. All work is guaranteed.

Minor scuffs, worn, cracked or broken trim can impact on the appearance of your
Ferrari. Neglect can hurt your wallet and make resale more difficult. We are happy to
enhance, repair or replace any leather, plastic or metal trim, up to full concours
restoration. For regular self-maintenance we recommend the use of Zymol car
preparation products available from www.morethanpolish.com.

When you’re out enjoying your Ferrari the last thing you want is feeble or non-existent
air conditioning. We can inspect your system to ensure its fully functioning, re-gas
and repair or replace parts. Note that you should have Ferrari refrigerant filters
replaced and the system regassed every 2 years. Degas/regas £75 plus vat,
conversions carried out from R12 to the current R134 gas for £140 plus vat.

Pre-purchase inspections are carried out on behalf of clients to limit the risk and exposure to a car that requires expensive maintenance work, or has been damaged or neglected. Inspections can be carried out in our workshop or where the vehicle is sited. They are carried out on an ‘experienced personal opinion’ basis and can be tailored to a clients requirements. Generally, they incorporate a mechanical inspection of all wearing parts such as suspension joints, track rod ends, brake lines and any loose or poorly fitted items. Clutch wear on F1 systems and error codes can be diagnosed. Checking for leaks from the power steering, engine bay and clutch (cylinder leak checks can be carried out at our premises, but not if the vehicle is inspected off site) and electrical system checks. Cosmetically, we check that the bodywork shows no sign of damage, repair or paintwork. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements
If you are looking to buy a Ferrari, tell us what your needs are and we will use our expert knowledge and contacts to help you source the perfect vehicle